Our Team

Hi there! I’m Matthis, the one-man team behind Expat-Today.com

From the hustle and bustle of New York, the timeless charm of Paris, the colorful vibrancy of Barcelona, to the scenic beauty of Lisbon, my life has taken me across different global coordinates. These experiences have not only given me cherished memories but also a wealth of real-world data and insights about living abroad.

Our Mission

With Expat Today, my aim is to bridge the gap between the romanticized dream of living abroad and the ground realities that come with it. While there’s much to celebrate about being an expat, there are equally as many challenges. And that’s where hard data and statistics come in.

Using the diverse data sets and metrics I’ve gathered over the years, Expat Today offers you concrete information to help you make informed decisions about moving and living abroad. Whether it’s the cost of living, the best neighborhoods, job opportunities, or cultural nuances, I’m dedicated to ensuring that every expatriate has access to accurate and actionable data.

Remember, moving abroad isn’t just about following a dream; it’s about making an informed decision. Dive into the resources available here, leverage the statistics, and embark on your expatriation journey with confidence.


Feel you have some insights or data to share? Or perhaps questions on specific statistics? We are always eager to chat.

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