The Importance of Health Insurance for Expatriates: Why Is It Essential?

Every year, thousands of individuals leave their home country to embark on a new adventure abroad. While moving overseas is thrilling, one’s health should not be overlooked. One of the first things to consider is undoubtedly health insurance. Expat Today dives deep into the subject to unveil all the benefits of a health insurance tailored for expatriates.

1. A Health Coverage Suited to Your New Lifestyle

When settling in a new country, one might be faced with different health risks:

  • Endemic diseases in certain regions.
  • Differences in medical care standards.
  • High cost of medical care, especially in countries like the USA.

Health insurance for expatriates is designed to address these particularities.

2. Medical Care Without Financial Worries

In many countries, medical care can be exorbitantly expensive:

  • A hospitalization in the USA can quickly cost thousands of dollars.
  • Even in countries where healthcare is more affordable, specific treatments might not be covered by the local system.

Having appropriate insurance prevents surprises and unexpected spends. 

3. Assistance and Repatriation

In the event of a major problem, it might sometimes be necessary to:

  • Be repatriated to one’s home country.
  • Have 24/7 assistance, essential in emergencies.

Health insurances for expatriates typically offer these guarantees, providing the insured with peace of mind.

4. Flexibility Tailored to the Needs of Expatriates

Health insurance for expatriates stands out for its:

  • Flexibility: coverage can be adjusted based on needs.
  • International portability: the coverage remains effective even when moving between countries.

5. Comparison of Medical Costs in Different Countries

It’s essential to note that medical costs differ considerably from one country to another. Suitable expatriate health insurance can help offset these differences. Here’s a brief comparison of average medical costs for common treatments:

General ConsultationX-RayNormal Delivery
UKFree (NHS)Free (NHS)Free (NHS)
Canada$0 (covered by public health insurance)$0 (covered by public health insurance)$2,300 (with public health insurance)


Expatriation offers an opportunity to explore a new world, but health remains paramount. Health insurance for expatriates not only provides coverage for these costs but also offers tranquillity against unforeseen medical expenses. Don’t let health concerns hamper your adventure abroad. Insure yourself and enjoy every moment!

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